Growing up, Suhani always felt divided.


She was raised in a home where Indian traditions were taught just as much as American customs were followed.  Dishes from different regions of India shared space with other cuisines at her dining table.  And she was part of two distinct worlds - one Indian and one "American".  Yet, in one way or another she didn't quite fit the mold of either group. 

What took her a long time to figure out, was how to integrate the two worlds she equally belonged to.  She struggled to find the confidence to share her heritage with her non-Indian friends and the inner-strength to stand up to the stigmas she faced within the Indian community.  On the road to self-discovery, writing was where she found solace.  The spaces in her journal were where she could unload all the feelings that weighed her down in order to continue down her path.

And eventually, she did.  She found her balance and grew more confident.  She learned that her culture was something to be proud of and enjoyed sharing it with others.  And she freed herself from the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding her.  

Now, a mom of twin girls, she hopes to  instill the same self-love and confidence in her daughters. Following her passion for writing, she relived her journey as a child and it left her wondering,  Does it really have to be so difficult to develop confidence in your heritage at a young age, or is there something we can do to instill it from the beginning? Do first and second generation children of diverse upbringing, have to feel like their heritage and surrounding culture are separate entities, or can children be raised to understand comm"unity" in a different way?

Those questions were the seeds with which she began to think about how she could help change the narrative and really speak to children of the next generation.  She arrived at something fundamental. Something that had been there for her through every phase of her life.  Something that resonated with her and really helped shape who she became.


With that, she set out on her new journey as an author.


Dear Parents,


It is my sincere hope that you and your children enjoy the books to come, as much as I am enjoying the process of creating them for you.  I hope the themes and lessons resonate with your children and that these stories become a vehicle for you to discuss culture, self-love, and greater inclusivity with them. Take part in these courageous conversations with your children and watch them bloom with strength in perspective and pride in their roots.


With Love,