We strive to help children find and have confidence in their cultural identity.  We want our books to serve as a mirror, so children can see themselves represented as characters who are growing up in a world similar to theirs and experiencing situations they may encounter one day.  We aim for our books to demonstrate how children can find their place without completely assimilating to the culture around them.


Through our books we aim to challenge stigmas that exist within the South Asian community and stereotypes linked to the community that can really have a profound, negative effect on youth. We advocate for the importance of focusing attention on strengths of character and skills that will help children understand where to place importance.  We hope to inspire people to look beyond some of the ideals that they themselves have been brought up surrounded by.


Our books aim to help create a more inclusive future that is accepting of diversities and different customs and beliefs.  We hope they help children acknowledge their own differences and be accepting of the differences of those around them.  We strive for our books to be universal and inclusive of other cultures, so for those, who live in areas where there is less diversity,  our books will be a way for children to share their culture without the fear of being misunderstood.


We sincerely hope our books help diversify mainstream children’s literature to better mimic the diverse world we are living in today.  You can expect to find universal messages and plots that children from any background can relate to, but lead characters that are of South Asian heritage and illustrations that depict cultural elements that can be discussed apart from the storyline.