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Suhani Parikh is a mom of three and entrepreneur based in Charlotte, NC. Her experience growing up as a second-generation Indian American girl with alopecia areata and a love of books, led her to write her debut children’s book “Shreya’s Very Own Style”. "Shreya's Very Own Style"'s central character learns to come to terms with—and eventually embrace—her auto-immune condition and learns that it doesn't define her.


While writing and publishing her own books, Suhani had the opportunity to meet and work with other empowering women in independent publishing and realized her own passion for not only writing stories, but for getting them in print. She has long found the lack of representation of people like her and her family in mainstream children's literature particularly troubling; this was her inspiration for turning Modern Marigold Books from a self-publishing venture into a traditional publishing company.


Now, as Modern Marigold Books CEO and Founder, Suhani helps other authors tell their stories to help shape a generation that celebrates diversity and embodies inclusion.

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It is my sincere hope that you and your children enjoy our stories as much as I enjoy creating them for you.

I hope our characters resonate with your children and that these stories become a vehicle for you to discuss culture, self-love, and communal responsibility with them. Take part in these courageous conversations with your children and watch them bloom!





- Suhani Parikh, Founder, Modern Marigold Books

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