Growing up, Suhani always felt divided.


She was raised in a home where Indian traditions were taught just as much as American customs were followed. Dishes from across India shared space with cuisines from around the world on her dining table, and her closets were lined with tees and kurtis alike. She was part of two distinct worlds - one Indian and one "American", yet, it felt like she didn't quite belong to either.


She struggled to find the confidence to share her culture with her non-Indian friends and the strength to stand up to the stereotypes she faced.  It took her a long time to integrate the two worlds she belonged to and on the road to self-discovery, the spaces in her journal were where she found solace. 

Now, a mom of twin girls,  children's book author, and the founder of an indie publishing company , she aims to instill the self-awareness and confidence she found, in children around the world.


It is my sincere hope that you and your children enjoy our stories as much as we are enjoying the process of creating them for you.

I hope these characters resonate with your children and that these stories become a vehicle for you to discuss culture, self-love, and communal responsibility with them. Take part in these courageous conversations with your children and watch them bloom!

- Suhani Parikh, Founder, Modern Marigold Books