Themes: self-love | inner-confidence | alopecia awareness |

challenging stigmas and stereotypes

Though Shreya is a champion on the soccer field, the coolest scientist at her school and dances like a star, she just can't seem to figure out how else to style her hair. Afterall how would she explain the patches on her head with no hair at all?

"Shreya's Very Own Style" is the story of a young girl's journey with alopecia areata. It's the journey of how she learns to accept alopecia as a beautiful part of who she is while also learning that who she is consists of much more than what is seen on the outside.

About the Illustrator

Lovyaa Garg is a self-taught artist from Delhi, India who loves to experiment with vibrant colors and create cute, whimsical and comical art work. She completed her BFA from College of Art, Delhi, India and diploma in Graphic design and Animation from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and  comic artist and she further aspires to be an animator and art director.


Lovyaa loves to tell stories through her art and  believes that success and excellence goes hand-in-hand, so one should not try to be successful, but strive for perfection.

"We all deal and fight with a lot of complexes everyday some of which are deeply embedded in us merely because of the environment we've grown in and the people that surrounds us. It's not only the children who face complexes but even the adults too. The story so beautifully gives this amazing lesson of self love and gratitude and  shares the moral that while running after and cribbing for what we lack, we should never forget to be grateful for what we do. It's an inspiration for people of all ages!"