A book is a vehicle that cultivates the imagination and creativity of children. With belief in education and a foundation built on principles of love and nurture, books are tools that help children see the world around them in a different way.

The Modern Marigold Books’ collection, written by Suhani Parikh, is inspired by Suhani’s twin daughters, Neysa and Naavya. Suhani’s mission as a mother is to raise her daughters to be proud, confident and informed young girls in a world that is abundant in diversity and disparate values.  Born and raised in New York, Suhani experienced feelings of separation and confusion over identities as a young girl. She is determined to better prepare her daughters and other children of minority families to understand all ethnic, racial and socioeconomic differences, while loving themselves for who they are, as key members in society.

By teaching acceptance, respect, friendship and an open mind to diversity, Modern Marigold Books are holding a space for the youth to discover love above all.