Absolutely EVERYONE brings sandwiches for lunch.  No matter how much they love their home-cooked Indian food, Neeva and Nimi couldn't possibly pack something different in their lunchboxes . . . or could they?


In this yummy tale of food around the world, one group of friends finds out how delicious diverse food can be!


Written by Suhani Parikh

Illustrated by Reshma Srinivas




“Sandwiches and Samosas serves up a smorgasbord of diverse flavors that encourages children to explore and celebrate their underlying “otherness.” The lunchroom can be a scary place for children. Many want to fly under the radar and simply fit in. But Suhani’s savory tale is a reminder that things are not always as they seem—that we can only truly find our place at the table if we keep our hearts and minds open to new things and tastes. In addition to serving as a reaffirmation of belonging and inclusivity, the lunch table in Sandwiches and Samosas leaves us wondering: how can lessons learned from the cafeteria be applied elsewhere?”


- Josephine Caminos Oría, Argentine-American author of Sobremesa and Dulce de Leche, entrepreneur and mom

"Sandwiches and Samosas"

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